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Positivity Jar Spell by Vanessa Armstrong

The month of May is now upon us. Everywhere around us, there is growth. Plants are flowering, shrubs are full of new leaves and blossom and there is an expectation of heady summer days to come. Being out in nature, with friends and family and enjoying the long light evenings.

What a great time to capture some of that wonderful happy energy and to keep it for when those summer days eventually start to wane. We don’t like to think about autumn when summer isn’t even here yet, but how lovely would it be to have some of that energy!... so I thought a positivity spell jar would be perfect.

You will need:- a plain clear glass jar with a lid.

If you want, before you fill it, you may want to decorate it – perhaps with paint and some positive words written in bright colours. Some symbols maybe – a sun or the rune Sowilo – meaning Sun and representing energy and life.

So what to put in your positivity jar? Anything that speaks to you of positivity – crystals, herbs, written notes, plants etc… make sure that any herbs or plants you use are dry, otherwise it could all go a bit mushy in the jar and that wouldn’t bode well for any positive energies.

Go with what speaks to you but here are some ideas that you could use – Marigold and Rose are connected to the sabbat of Beltane, which of course is in May, so dried petals from those would be a lovely addition.

Dried lavender, basil, daisy and sunflower seeds for happiness – and good energies Hawthorn for hope – and positivity. Poppy, rose, yew and pansy for rebirth – as the wheel turns and the days grow short, the earth shall sleep and these will give us knowledge that there is rebirth next spring. Black pepper and garlic for strength and vitality Dandelion and sage for positive wishes.

Citrine crystal for happiness Sodalite for communication and positive affirmations Garnet for vitality Quartz for clarity Rose quartz for friendships, love and good feelings Tigers eye for confidence in your jar.

As you put each item in your jar, focus on the intent of positivity. The jar doesn’t have to be full and go with your intuition of what you feel you should put in it.

Lastly, pop on the lid, place it in the sunshine for a while to absorb all of that feel good energy and leave in a light place. You can also tie a colourful ribbon around the top if you like!

Sources: A Kitchen Witches World of Magical Herbs & Plants - Rachel Patterson Crystal Bible 1 - Judy Hall

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