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People of the Outside - Witchcraft, Cannibalism, and the Elder Folk by Lee Morgan ~ book review by Heather

A brilliantly written exploration of some of the most currently taboo subjects! It is eminently readable, as the author has a playful turn of phrase.

Weaving together the threads of evidence from archaeology, sparse documents and current indigenous practices, the author takes the reader to the farthest areas of our past, to delve into their deepest shadows, how this still is relevant to our behaviours today.   

Lee Morgan provides us with the material to see how it is now recognised that from Neanderthal to Denisovan to sapiens, there were no clear divides and distinctions, as was once thought.  That our furthest ancestors are a combination of all these, so raising the question of whether our ‘reptilian’ brain, the basal ganglia, the structure in control of our innate self-preservation behaviour patterns, which ensures our survival and that of our species, is our species inheritance from our Neanderthal forebears.

This book is illuminating, challenging and thought provoking.

You can watch a waffle about this book here

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