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New Online Events from Kitchen Witch

A couple of weeks ago, Rachel conducted a poll on Facebook asking our fabulous students what they would like to see from us at Kitchen Witch HQ. We know that our online events have proved very popular with everyone - it allows us, and you, to be able to interact which has been brilliant and much needed in these trying times that we have had and there is no reason why this can't continue.

The poll had a lot of positive feedback, so we put our witchy heads together and without further ado, we would like to announce that from this month onward, there will be regular online workshops - which will be lesson related, guided moon phase rituals, and guided meditations on many subjects. The Moon phase rituals and guided meditations with also be shared on the Coven group but the lesson workshops are for our Kitchen Witch students only.

We will still have our online Sabbat rituals, our general Waffling Witches, Rachel's regular Friday chats from her author page and our student only monthly distant Reiki with Gypsy too!

All events will be posted on our Facebook groups, so look out for those!

We are looking forward very much to seeing you!

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