New Moon Ritual for New Ideas

This ritual script is from 'Beneath the Moon: Witchcraft and Moon Magic for a Deeper Practice' by Rachel Patterson, due for publication January 2022. It can be used at any New Moon, to help you plant new seeds of ideas, to find your inspiration and open up new ideas and opportunities.

You will need:

Representations for the four quarters, if using

Central candle for deity, if using

Matches or lighter.

Safe holders for the candles, if using

Something to eat and drink.

For the spell:

Two brown or white candles (to represent new ideas, opportunities, or projects)

One green, orange, or white candle (to represent fertility, success, and prosperity)

One candle of any colour (to represent you)

Essential oil such as cinnamon, basil or mint in an oil burner

A pebble or crystal tumble stone

Safe holders for the candles

Cast the circle

Walking deosil (clockwise) around the circle.

With the power of the Moon

I cast this circle to attune

Magic creating a boundary to last

This Moon circle is now cast.

Call the quarters –

Facing North:

I call upon the element of earth

May you bring your energy of grounding and stability to this rite

Earth, I welcome you.

Facing East:

I call upon the element of air