New Moon Complete Reset Ritual by Eva R. W. Romeijn

You will need a bathtub, shower, or, at the very least, a basin large enough to wash your hands. If possible, have the bath set up in the western quarter. (I am lucky, in that I have a free - standing rib, that I can circle around). If using a bath, fill bathtub with hot water before ritual starts.

Set up altar with:

1 white candle (unlit)

1 black candle (lit)


Rosemary water* in a chalice / wine glass / goblet

Silver Branch**

Smudge stick and holder

Using my Protection Smudge (Rosemary, Mint and Lavender)



A plate or tray, big enough to hold the offerings for transport

*Rosemary Water: Gather stalks of rosemary, preferably from your own garden / pots, thanking the plants as you harvest, never taking too much from one plant/branch. If you *must* purchase them, please be sure that they are organic. Ground and center, and charge the branches with energy of cleansing and purification. Place in a pot on the stove and fill the pot with cold, purified water. Bring to a boil for 3 minutes visualizing cleansing light filling the water, then turn off and cool completely. Strain into a jar with a charged, clear quartz crystal in it. Store out of sunlight.

**The Silver Branch is from the Avalonian tradition that I am a member of. Mine is a stick from my apple tree, wrapped with silver wire holding 9 silver bells.

In each quarter, place a small candle (tea light is perfect) and you will have a small scroll of paper, on which is something written that you wish to release, corresponding to that quarter. Also place an offering object (i.e. biodegradable) that symbolizes what you want to replace the negative with.

I set up my circle with my mini “standing stones”, and the following objects:

North (Physical):

Paper: Unhealthy-eating

Offering: Apple from my garden