Naming Ceremony by Hecate Diana

Prepare the space by smudging to cleanse negativity using mint and sage. Place a cloth or small table for an altar in the centre of the circle and decorate with herbs, flowers and seeds to represent growth, new beginnings and good luck (such as lemon balm, lavender, daffodils). Parents can choose one or more people to be spiritual guardians for their child.

Guests form a circle and the High Priestess casts the circle:

I cast a circle around this place,

to create a welcoming and safe space.

Protect those within and fill with love,

Around, below and above.

Quarter calls:

Element of Earth, bless this circle with a firm foundation to build upon, allowing us to be grounded and secure. We bid you hail and welcome.

Element of Air, bless this circle with a gentle, cleansing breeze, giving us clear intentions and insight. We bid you hail and welcome.

Element of Fire, bless this circle with your protective warmth, burn away negativity for a positive new life. We bid you hail and welcome.

Element of Water, bless this circle, wash away negative thoughts and calm our emotions. Bring in caring, family love and connection to our ancestors. We bid you hail and welcome.

Deity invocation:

Blessed Selene, Mother goddess, lend this circle your nurturing care and protection. Aid us as we name this child and support them as they grow spiritually and physically. We bid you hail and welcome.

Parents bring their child to the altar.


We are gathered here to bless this child and gift them with their name as they are welcomed into our hearts and lives. To be a parent is also a gift and the greatest responsibility you will ever have. Do you promise to guide them, walk beside them and one day give them the freedom to walk on their own?