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My Beltane by Ness

When I first started on this path, one of the first things I learnt about was the Sabbats – their names, dates and correspondences. I dressed my altar at each one with the colours and items that I felt connected with each particular one. As time went on, I slowly began to work with the seasons and then the energies of each month which I recorded last year as a series of blogs entitled ‘Musings of a Village Witch’. Although I still gave a ‘nod’ to each Sabbat, I stopped celebrating them. For some reason this year, and at the end of last starting with Samhain, I am finding myself doing a mixture of the two – I work with the energies of a particular month but I'm also making an effort to do something at each Sabbat again.

This month, we are celebrating Beltane. A fire festive signifying the start of the summer – earth energies are strong, full of potential, fertility and prosperity! Yes, it is cold here where I live, at night and my garden doesn’t quite look as flourishing as it did this time last year, but there are other signs in nature that show that we are certainly at Beltane! Despite the struggling temperatures, Starlings have been nesting in the eaves, the area outside my patio doors is littered with all manner of nesting material – dried grasses, feathers, fluff and leaves. I’ve seen lambs in a nearby field and the daily singing and chattering of other feathered friends in the hedgerows which are also doing their upmost to bloom. Nature is moving forwards...

I used to make a special meal for the Sabbats using ingredients that tied in with that particular one and usually what is in season here in the UK too. To be honest, I try to do that pretty much anyway – strawberries from wherever in December is just wrong!

This year to celebrate Beltane, I made a spicy Jalfrezi curry courtesy of a “Hairy Bikers” recipe. Curry speaks to me of fire! - particularly the type I like – Madras is the weakest I go for when out 😊

In went Cumin (magical properties: fidelity, lust, love and abundance) Garam Masala and Turmeric (magical properties: purification, peace, fertility) – the smells in my kitchen seemed to radiate throughout my house. This morning it still smelt like a Curry House lol! Cue – open windows and incense burning.

I’m hoping that this evening will remain dry enough to light my fire pit and to scatter the contents of my spell pouch made at the Spring Equinox into the flames. The spell will then, I feel, be concluded. I shall conclude my celebrations by joining my fellow Hearth Guardians and kitchen witches for our Beltane Ritual held online in our Coven Facebook Group on Sunday evening.

I will you all a Blessed Beltane – may it bring you peace and prosperity!

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