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Moon Phases ~ Last Quarter, March 15th 2023 by Sue Perryman

Last Quarter Moon 15th March 2023

The last quarter or Third quarter moon in March is on the 15th and is in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius

16th March: Waning Crescent in Capricorn

17th: Aquarius

19th: Pisces

21st: Dark moon in Pisces

22nd: New Moon in Aries

23rd: Waxing Crescent in Aries

24th: Taurus

26th: Gemini

28th: Cancer

29th: First Quarter in Cancer

30th: Waxing gibbous in Cancer

31st: Leo

Magic for the Last Quarter Moon in March

Re-evaluate, balance, re-orientate, let go, adjustments, challenges, decreasing, forgiveness, cleansing, purification, emotions, decisions, break habits, reduce, reflection, self-care, rest, release and directions. Really tie up those loose ends, finish things completely and tidy up. Break negative patterns and release....

What magic will you do for the Last Quarter Moon?

Sources- Beneath the Moon by Rachel Patterson

image from Unsplash

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