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Modern Meet the Maiden Meditation by Ness

Taken from Rachel Patterson's recent release The Triple Goddess published by Moon Books

The link to the guided meditation can be found here

"I have given a meditation here that shows the maiden in a more modern situation."

Make yourself comfortable in a space where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, deep breaths in and deep breaths out.

As your world around you dissipates you find yourself standing outside a coffee shop in a small village street. Someone walks past you and enters the café. As the door opens you are met with the scent of delicious coffee and sweet cakes. You follow them in. It is quite busy with most of the tables already taken but you head to the counter at the back of the café.

A huge array of tantalizing treats is spread out in the cabinet in front of you, cakes, cookies and sweet treats of every description. A blackboard on the wall above also shows a large choice of both hot and cold drinks. The person behind the counter asks what you would like, and you place your order. As they get it ready for you, turn and take a look around the café. So many different people all happily chatting and enjoying their fare.

One person catches your eye, a teenager sitting on their own at a table by the window, head down, concentrating on the screen of their mobile phone. Opposite them seems to be the only free chair in the café. Taking your tray with your food and drink you head over towards them. You ask if the seat is taken and they look up, distractedly but gesture for you to sit down.

As you sip your drink and eat your food you gaze out of the window and watch everyone as they walk past, each one in a world of their own. A voice disrupts your thoughts and you realise the teenager has asked you to pass the sugar. You hand the bowl over. You ask if they are waiting for someone to join them. The reply is they will catch up with their friends in a short while, but they like to come into the café for cake. A conversation begins, you ask questions about their life and they reply. Then they ask you about your situation and you find yourself sharing.

Listen to the replies, the words, they are wise beyond their years.

You are encouraged to remember your teenage years, the freedom, the energy and a young perspective on life in general.

When the conversation starts to wane their phone pings, and they thank you for the chat, but they need to leave to meet their friends. You thank them for sharing and their time as they get up and head out of the door.

You finish your drink and cake and then get up and make your way out until you are standing on the pavement outside once again.

Remember what you talked about and think about how you could implement some of the suggestions into your life to bring a younger perspective.

When you are ready slowly and gently come back to this reality. Wriggle your fingers and toes, open your eyes. Have something to eat and drink.

photo from unsplash

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