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Magical Poppet by Eva Wadoski Romeijn

I love using my knitting for magic - poppets and pouches, mostly. I’m rather proud of the poppet I made for the Magical Herbs branch class to give my garden a boost!

The pattern I used was quite easy - it was designed to be used with one color, but I went with a bunch of green scraps that I had. The pattern is here: (free download)

Details of my process is as follows:

My intent is for a bountiful garden, so I chose green yarn, and while knitting the poppet up, I focused on my garden growing lush and healthy with lots of veg (and little weeds). I chanted little phrases as they came to me (not very poetic, but hopefully effective), such as:

Green grow, garden grow

All the fruit and veg in a row


Peas and corn, cucumbers too

Potatoes, radishes, beans, to name a few

Grow green, grow lush

Abundance and bounty

Aren’t asking too much!

And many more silly phrases as they came to me :-)

The yarn I chose were scraps from another project (I never throw out yarn!!!), and made of 100% wool, so it is biodegradable. The dye used in making this yarn is also not harmful to the environment.

Before working the decreases on the head, I needed to put in all of my stuffing material. As I planned on burying it, they needed to be natural materials only, so no poly-stuffing. As my intent is a bountiful garden, I wanted to stuff it with things that are for abundance, fertility, and growth:

- Coriander seeds: fertility and abundance

- Mint leaves: abundance and fertility

- Rice: abundance

- Red clover: fertility

- Pumpkin seeds: abundance and growth

- Pine needles: abundance and growth

At the last minute, when filling up the head, I decided to add beans for abundance as well - these were ones grown in our garden last year and dried. I added things that wouldn’t be a problem if they sprouted in the garden, but I do plan on burying him deep enough that they won’t sprout.

After sewing him up, I added a green moss agate bead for an eye, and stitched the other eye, then “embroidered” on a heart in red thread.

I buried him in the raspberry patch, as that is the least likely spot for him to be dug up again. I hope I buried him deep enough - otherwise my husband will have questions…he was already looking nervous when he saw me knitting the poppet.

As I buried him (that’s not a phrase one uses every day…hopefully), I chanted the following while visualizing our garden growing lush and bountiful:

May you prosper and grow

Work your magic from below!

Now that I’m moving into a new house I was thinking of making protective ones to bury at each quarter; earth, air, fire and water.

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