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Magical marshmallow leaf by Gypsy WillowMoon

Gender - Female Planet - Moon & Venus Sun sign - Libra & Cancer Deity - Venus & Aphrodite

A member of the Malvaceae family.

A herbaceous perennial, grows between 2-5 ft. Has soft, velvety and irregular serrated leaves. The flowers form clusters at leaf axils or panicles. Grows in salt marshes, by the sea, and along river banks, hence the name , Marsh mallow.

The root contains more mucilage , than the leaves do.

Was worked with by Ancient Egyptians, Arabs,Greeks and Romans for at least 2000 years.

Ingredients in food, desserts, cosmetics and skin creams.

Taken in tea form, it reduces pain and reduces swelling.

Can be worked with as a herbal smoke mix.

Common medicinal uses of Marshmallow plant :

Eases sore throats - Has a soothing effect on inflamed membranes in the mouth and throat. Can be made into a tincture, Worked with for heartburn, Stomach issues, Skin conditions, such as psoriasis, Dry coughs, Diarrhoea, Constipation, URI infections,

Parts of plant worked with - Roots and leaves.

Magical uses:

Protective and cleansing, You can burn the leaves to cleanse the area, Can be worked with in incense blends & smudging, You can make a protection oil from the leaves, to work with during journeying. You can work with the leaves in love and fertility oils. For fertility and or impotence issues - Collect the leaves on a full moon or charge them if you already have some. Can be worked with in oils, powders and workings. They are also associated with death and rebirth, they can be worked with in rituals to honour the dead. Can also be worked with in baths, as a bath milk, in spell workings, crystal grids...

Harvesting :

Only harvest plants that are older than 2 years, split the plant in halt, take one half, re plant the other half. Can be harvested in autumn and spring.

The leaf and root can be applied directly for abscesses and skin ulcers, Can be worked with in poultice form, for inflammation, insect bites, burns, and other wounds.

The leaf is also worked with as a flavouring agent in food.

Sources: pagans and witches

Image - Wikipedia

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