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I love the sight of catkins dancing in the hedgerow, as the breeze catches them.  

Appearing from late December now with the milder Winters, through to March, they signify rebirth and joy.  Hazel catkins mark the time of Imbolc as they resemble lamb’s tails and these herald lambing time and sheep begin to lactate. They also correspond with Brigid, Goddess of intuition, knowledge, wisdom, poets, writers, midwives, healing and hearth.

Here is a simple poppet spell I have done, welcoming Brigid’s Spring energies into our home:

A few catkins (ones that have fallen from the trees, as I will want to try to get some nuts later on in the year….if the squirrels leave any!) Felt (colour and shape of your choice) Lavender for happiness, tranquillity and protection Rose for love, healing, abundance, death and rebirth

Cut your felt, stitch or fold it into shape, leaving a gap to put the catkins inside.

Hold your poppet, catkins and any other ingredients you have chosen, visualising bright golden light filling and surrounding them.  Then put them all into your poppet whilst saying (or something similar):

Hazel, with Brigid’s energy So wise and strong, I welcome your guiding light.  So be it!

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