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Kitchen Witch Under the Spotlight... Sue

What drew you to your pagan/ spiritual path?

I've had prophetic dreams and been drawn to nature and the moon since I was a young child, and through my teens I became interested in Tarot and astrology although I had no idea how to find out much about them. I was a young Mum, so it wasn't until my children were older and we had our first computer that my interests led me to the Children of Artemis website. I joined their forum and on there was a post that had a list of recommended books on Witchcraft. I ended up buying most of them and going to my first Witchfest, I was hooked.

What are your interests in your path?

Herbs and making herbal remedies, crystals, tarot, runes, nature, Celtic and Norse mythology, reading and learning as much as I can.

Are there any particular deities that you work with?

I have worked with many deities over the years, some of them only stay a while and others come and go, they are mainly from the Norse or Celtic pantheons. Brigid is always there for me though.

How did you find Kitchen Witch and what do you most like about being part of it?

Back in 2013, I was browsing Amazon for Witchcraft books, when I came across Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft. I bought it on Kindle and loved it so much I bought it in book form as well. From there I found out that Rachel not only lived fairly nearby, but that she ran a school and was holding a workshop in a couple of weeks. I bought a ticket and had such an amazing time that I joined the forum the next day.

I loved the lessons, even though I had been on pathway for a long time, I learnt so much more and couldn't wait for the next one. I felt quite down when I completed them all, but Rachel keeps me busy 😊 I love the sense of community and friendship with Kitchen Witch, supporting the students when needed and researching and working on different projects with Rachel, Ness and Heather who have become really good friends. My life has changed enormously over the last 13 years, and I wouldn't have it any way.

What books are in your 'to read' pile - if any?

Waking the dragons by Andreas Kornevall

Falling through the tree of life by Jane Meredith

Mastering Magick by Mat Auryn

The anti-consumerist druid by Katerina Townsend

An alternative guide to gardening by Elen Sentier

Who influenced you in your early days of being a pagan/ following your spiritual path. Who influences you now?

When I first started on my path there wasn't as many books around as there are now. I was influenced by the authors: Doreen Valiente, Marian Green, Kate West, Rae Beth and Scott Cunningham. Now I am still influenced by Doreen Valiente, Marian Green and Rae Beth, but also of course my lovely friend and elder Rachel Patterson, Damh the Bard and Anna Franklin.

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