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Kitchen Witch under The Spotlight... Ness

What drew you to your pagan/ spiritual path?

From a young age, I had a fascination with things that would be considered a little bizarre - graveyards, spirits, ancient churches and buildings, and skulls. I watched the film The Crow many years later and something about the crow in it resonated with me strongly. I never thought these interests would mean anything until I got chatting to Rachel at one of her hubby Pete's gigs one evening about her pathway and said how interested I was in what she did. That chat led to me attending the first of one of Kitchen Witches many rituals and suddenly everything made sense and I knew I was 'home'.

What are your interests in your path?

Crystals, reading the runes and studying the Norse tradition. I also love being out in nature - the woods and any earthy places are my favourite!

Are there any particular deities that you work with?

I have worked with a few over the years - Hestia was probably the first one. Tsao Wang, a Chinese Kitchen God was another. The Green Man has been with me from the beginning of my path and for the past couple of years or so, I have worked with Hel - a Queen of the Underworld from the Norse Tradition. She tends to be with me around Autumn/Winter time and The Green Man the rest of the year.

How did you find Kitchen Witch and what do you most like about being part of it?

See the first question... :-)

My first ritual - which I absolutely loved - led me to joining the forum in 2011 and then onto the school the following year. I have learnt so much from the school and have met many lovely people over the years - some who have become very good friends. The community the school has created is wonderful and I am continuing to learn and enjoy supporting others within it.

What books are in your ‘to read’ pile if any?

I'm a fan of autobiographies by those in the 'rock music' industry but in my witchy/pagan pile is -

The Anti-consumerist Druid by Katrina Townsend

Baba Yaga's Book of Witchcraft by Madame Pamita

Goddess Rising by Lyn Thurman

The Witch by Ronald Hutton (had this one for years, I will read it one day)

Who influenced you in your early days of being a pagan/following your spiritual path. Who influences you today?

Rachel is the first person that influenced me in my early days of following my spiritual path and continues to do so today. Her way of teaching and writing without pomp or complicated words was refreshing. Her motto of 'go with what works for you' is something that I work with and encourage others to do also - it is our pathway after all.

The authors/teachers Imelda Almqvist and Andreas Kornevall must also have a mention as well as my lovely friends who I'm very blessed to work with and have in my life.

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