Kitchen Witch Summer Solstice Ritual by Ness

You will need:

Candle of orange, red or yellow or one that resonates with you for the Summer Solstice

A lighter or matches

A stiff piece of card – large enough to draw a sun on

Coloured pens, pencils, crayons or paints in oranges, reds, yellows, golds etc.

Something to eat and drink

Optional for after the ritual – yellow/orange/red crystal chips, ribbons, foil, paper, felt, etc. to decorate your sun further.

Circle Casting:

As we gather from near and far

Our energies and minds connected

By the powers of the elements that reside

This circle is now protected.

Inviting the Elements:

Element of Air, Guardian of East

Home of Inspiration, dreams, wishes and imagination

You bring us warm summer breezes

We Welcome You!

Element of Fire, Guardian of South

Home of drive, passion and motivation

You bring us the midsummer heat and the sun at this Solstice

We Welcome You!

Element of Water, Guardian of West

Home of healing, mystery and emotions

You bring us cooling waters to quench our thirst in the summer's heat

We Welcome You!

Element of Earth, Guardian of North

Home of stability, energy within and vitality

You hold us, ground us and support us

We Welcome You!

Sulis, British Goddess of hot springs and of the Sun