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A Spell of Intent for the Year Ahead by Sue Perryman

When I was young (a long time ago ) I remember being told to tie a knot in my handkerchief if I wanted to remember something, (this was in the days before paper tissues). This spell will be a reminder to you throughout the year, of the goals or intents that you want to achieve.


Candle - Any colour you are drawn to or that corresponds to your intent

Candle holder, lighter or matches

A long piece of string, wool or ribbon

If you want to cast a circle, do so in your usual way. If not smudge or cleanse the area you will be working in.

Light your candle and focus on the flame. Think about all the goals that you want to achieve during the calendar year ahead. When you are ready pick up your piece of string/wool or ribbon.

Focus on your first goal and visualise yourself achieving it. Tie your knot, then hold it in your power hand, the one you write with, and send your intent for completing the goal into the knot. When you are ready say:

‘As I tie this knot

Let my intent flow

Until the time is right

And I can manifest my goal’

Repeat this for each goal. (If you run out of ribbon, you may need another length).

When you are ready, hold the ribbon in your hands and visualise a bright white light surrounding it. Charge the ribbon with intent and when you have finished place it somewhere safe, where you can see it (I popped mine on my altar) Every time you look at the ribbon it will be a reminder of your intent. As the year progresses every time you achieve one of your goals, undo the knot and say:

‘My goal is complete

The knot undone

My intent is released

My spell is done.

So mote it be!’

Uncast your circle if you used one

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