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Kitchen Witch Lughnasadh Ritual 2022 by Ness

Script for our ritual that was held online in our Facebook Coven Group and on our Kitchen Witch YouTube channel..

You will need:

A piece of card large enough to cut a Goddess shape out (a toilet roll inner cut from one end to the other and opened out flat is a good size)

Pen or pencil


Simple Goddess template – make your own or find a free one on the internet.

Some glue suitable for card i.e., 'Pritt stick' or similar

Wildflower seeds, other seeds or grains that you wish to use

A tray, plate or other similar surface to lay your seeds/grains on

String if required - you can use bird seed and peanut butter (as glue) and hang out for the birds

Circle Casting:

We are gathered in this space

Our energies connected

By the powers of the elements that reside

This circle is now protected

Calling Quarters:

Element of Air

Home of inspiration, imagination, dreams and wishes

We invite you to our ritual


Element of Fire

Home of motivation, drive and passion

We invite you to our ritual


Element of Water

Home of healing, emotions and mystery

We invite you to our ritual


Element of Earth

Home of stability, vitality and energy within

We invite you to our ritual


Norse Goddess Gefjun (pronounced Gev-yoon) of agriculture, abundance and prosperity

We invite you to join us at our ritual today


Lughnasadh is the first of the 3 harvests and is celebrated around the 1st August each year.

Lugh, the sun god is ageing but is still with us, although he grows weak.

Summer is still here too, but our thoughts turn to autumn and the approaching change in our seasons.

This is a time when we reap what we have sown both in our gardens, yards and in our lives. A time of shift and change.

Grain has ripened and is made into the first bread traditionally. This applies to all cereal crops including wheat, barley, rye and oats. Some of the grain is saved for planting in the spring. Some fruits are also ripening and are ready for picking and storing for the long winter months ahead.

In this day and age, we can have access to many foods that are not in season and it is easy to lose sight of the natural course of the seasons and foods that are produced.

To celebrate the harvest, bake bread or biscuits. For those that live near a field, corn dollies made into the God or Goddess are also something that can be made and placed on your altar. Give thanks to Mother Earth for this abundance.

Collect seeds from your gardens and give them as gifts for your friends and families garden.

If you are trimming back garden herbs or flowers, make some smudge sticks with the cuttings. You can use rosemary, sage, lavender or any others you like to work with.


Take your piece of card and using your template, draw the outline of the Goddess on to the card. Then cut it out.

Take your glue - or peanut butter - and cover the surface of your card.

Taking care not to get glue on yourself, you can either place your Goddess, glue side down on to the plate of seeds or you can sprinkle the seeds on to the upturned glued surface of your Goddess.

While you are doing this, take a moment to reflect on the summer months that are now coming to an end... Think of what you have achieved so far this year – reap your rewards of hard work done, goals that have been accomplished.

You can have fun with this, you may want to sort your seeds into different types and colours if using mixed and place the seeds in a pattern. This is meditative and allows you to reflect longer on your achievements.

If you are using wild flower seed and degradable card, you can plant the whole thing in the spring, water it regularly and see what comes up. Infuse the Goddess Seed card with your intents for the next year.

You can use peanut butter instead of glue and stick bird seed to the Goddess and place in your garden for the birds. Please don’t use regular glue for this – there are recipes online for glue made from cornflour/cornstarch and water that can be used if you don’t have peanut butter.

Eat and Drink

Close Down:

Gefjun, Norse Goddess of agriculture, abundance and prosperity

Thank you for your presence at our ritual today


Element of Earth

You have brought stability, vitality and energies to our ritual

Thank you and farewell!

Element of Water

You have brought us healing, and invoked our emotions in this ritual

Thank you and farewell!

Element of Fire

You have motivated us and given us drive at this ritual today

Thank you and farewell!

Element of Air

You have brought us inspiration, and imagination to our ritual

Thank you and farewell!

We have gathered in this space

Our energies still connected

By the powers of the elements that once resided

This circle is uncast but still protected.

Blessings of Lughnasadh to you all!

Photo from Unsplash

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