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How to Break a Hex by Heather

The chances of being on the receiving end of a hex is unlikely, as most people do not undertake this spell work routinely, also as magical folk usually we will have shields and defences in place to deflect them!

If you feel that you have been hexed, Rachel gives us spells to break the link and return it to them:

You will need:

A sprig of rosemary

A piece of paper

A red pen


A piece of red cloth

Paprika or chilli pepper

Red cotton

Keep the rosemary on your person whilst you work this hex. Write the name of the person who has hexed you on a piece of paper, if you don’t know who did it, just write “enemy mine”.

With the red pen, draw a doll shape around the name and cut it out. Lay the paper doll face down on the red cloth and sprinkle it with paprika or chilli pepper. Tie the cotton around the middle of the doll then wrap it in the red cloth, hold it in your hands and say:

Enemy of mine your power is gone,

The hex is broken, the spell undone,

Enemy mine go away,

So shall it be from this day.

This spell will last until your apology sets you free by me,

This is my will, so mote it be!

Perform this chant for seven nights in a row, then unwrap the doll, tear it into nine pieces and burn it. Scatter the ashes somewhere away from your home and dispose of the red cloth.

Unhex Mojo Bag

Red, purple or black material

Cord to tie it up with

A piece of High John the Conqueror Root

A piece of agate

Pinch of St John’s Wort


Carry the bag with you, feeding it with a powder, (see below for recipe), whenever you feel it needs an energy boost.

Feeding powder -



Angelica root

Rose essential oil

Frankincense essential oil

Grind all the ingredients together to make a powder, store in jar.

Another method, I found on the internet, is to use a candle, cleanse it then hold or anoint it whist telling the candle of the hex you feel has been put on you. This can also be used to hex, it is your intention which is the deciding factor.

The using a pin or thorn, inscribe the name of the person you believe has hexed you onto the candle, then place it into a holder.

Light the candle and as the wax starts to melt down say the following –

‘So as the fire do melt the wax.

And wind flows smoke away,

So, in the presence of the lord,

The wicked shall decay,

The wicked shall decay!’

You can watch a chat about this here

image from unsplash

A link to Rachel's Friday Morning Chat about Curses, Hexes and Binding can be found here

Source and further reading –

Spells and Charms by Rachel Patterson

Hoodoo Folk Magic by Rachel Patterson

Practical Protection Magic by Ellen Dugan

Sticks, Stones, Roots & Bones by Stephanie Rose Bird

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