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Hexes by Heather

A hex is a spell, or bewitchment, that can be good or bad.

Personally, I think poppets come under the hex title, as sticking pins into them can be for the intention of healing the area, or to cause pain! I also found an online spell which suggests placing your poppet in a sealed jar, containing liquid, herbs etc. corresponding to your intent.

The same advice given for cursing goes for casting negative hexes –

It is not something to undertake regularly or without serious preparation! It should not be done when you are angry or upset. Let the emotions settle first, then decide what course of action to take, as time uncovers more accuracy as to who was involved, and sometimes it may be better to deal with the situation in mundane ways.

A good rule of thumb to follow is; if you would not do it in reality, then don’t do it with magic. Make sure that what you do, is equivalent to the action that was taken against you. Think about your plan of action, if you feel uncomfortable in any way, then don’t do it. You have to take responsibility for your actions/reactions, so be very sure that the person you are sending a curse or hex to is the person responsible.

Here are some examples from Rachel's book, Spells & Charms -

Bad ass blueberries

The seemingly innocent blueberry can be used in a hex.

Crush up a handful of blueberries until you get a nice dark pulpy mess and drop it onto the doorstep of your target.

Bottle hex

You will need:

A bottle or jar with a lid

A photograph of your target or their name on a slip of paper

Hexing herbs – for example cypress, dragon’s blood, rowan, wormwood, yarrow. Use whatever you feel drawn to.

Vinegar (from an empty pickled onion or beetroot jar works well)

Black ink

Place the photograph or name slip in the bottle then fill it up with the other ingredients, quantities as you see fit. Seal the bottle and bury it upside down.

A misfortune hex

You will need:

A slip of paper

A pen with black ink

A black candle

A cauldron or fireproof dish


Write the name of your enemy on a piece of paper in black ink, write the name nine times. Light a black candle and say out loud:

I curse and hex thee *insert name of enemy*

Let it be done!

Then light the piece of paper in the candle flame, drop it into a fireproof container to burn out.

As for positive hexing, drive through Pennsylvania USA and you will see suns, daisies and other mandala type circular plaques on farm buildings, a continuance of Pow-Wow also known as Hex Craft. None of the original practitioners of this would have considered themselves a witch.

This practice can be traced back to the Dutch and German settlers. It is a form of folk magic, generally the spells are invoked for protection and healing.

An example of a Pow-Wow spell –

For a headache, wipe your forehead three times, then make the gesture of throwing the headache away from the top of your nose. Repeat this a total of nine times, waiting three minutes between each repetition. There is an incantation which is also said, but this is only known to Hex Craft practitioners.

The book that I mention in the film accompanying this blog, that I want to get is The Long-Lost Friend: A 19th Century American Grimoire by Daniel Harms.

You can watch a chat about this here

Sources and further reading –

Spells and Charms by Rachel Patterson

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