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Guided Meditation for Samhain by Sue Perryman

Join Sue in this guided meditation taken from Rachel Patterson's Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch published by Moon Books.

The link to the meditation can be found here

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes, focus on your breathing, deep breaths in.....deep breaths out....

As your world around you dissipates you find yourself at the bottom of a mountain. The grass is green and lush beneath your feet and the air is clear and crisp.

You hear the trickling sound of water and look to your left to see a stream, crystal clear water bubbles its ways between large craggy rocks and over small grey stones. Perched on one of the large rocks is a big black raven. He turns and stares at you with his beady, all knowing eye... he squawks, flaps his wings and flies off in the direction of the mountain.

As you turn and watch him go, you see a small pathway that meanders up the side of the mountain, so you decide to follow it.

The path is narrow but easy going. As you walk, you take in the beautiful scenery; autumnal fields scattered with grey rocks, as if someone had stood on top of the mountain and thrown a handful of them, the rocks lying in the grass where they fell.

As you come around a bend in the path you see an old woman sitting bent over a cauldron, which hangs over a fire. She is dressed in black with a shawl drawn tightly around her shoulders, she is muttering to herself and dropping what looks like herbs into the bubbling liquid in the cauldron.

As you approach her you catch the scent of the stew on the air, it smells delicious!

She sees you and without a word, beckons you to join her.

You seat yourself on the ground next to her until she brings out an old earthenware cup and ladles a spoonful of the stew into it and offers it to you.

You accept it and take a sip, it tastes as wonderful as it smells. As you do this, the old woman speaks for the first time in a voice that sounds as ancient as the mountains themselves. She tells you that with each sip from the cup you must release something that no longer serves you; a bad memory, a negative emotion or perhaps a habit you wish to be rid of.

As you sip the stew you pay heed to her words and do as she asks..

Once you have finished all the stew in the cup, the old woman takes it from you and presses something into your now empty hand. She tells you that it is a gift to represent positive energy to replace the void that the released memories and emotions have made.

She tells you to leave and as you do, with each step you must believe that you are heading into new beginnings, taking a fresh look at your life and living to the fullest, making new plans and moving forward with a happy heart and soul.

You turn to thank the old woman but she has already gone. Sitting in the place that she had occupied is the raven. He fixes you with his stare, squawks again and flies off back down the pathway. You follow his direction and return down the pathway, putting into action the old woman's instructions.

When you reach the bottom of the mountain, you feel a sense of rebirth, full of inspiration and positive energy.

Slowly bring yourself back to this reality.

Wriggling your fingers and toes and stretching your arms and legs, open your eyes..

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1 Comment

That was lovely. Thank you, Sue.🤗

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