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Frigg: Beloved Queen of Asgard by Ryan McClain ~ book review by Heather

Frigg is one of the highest-ranking of the Aesir goddesses and is Odin’s wife. She is known to have influence over many roles.

She is a goddess of marriage and children, but she is also a goddess of fate and cunning, as She is depicted as a völva, a practitioner of the form of Norse magic known as seidr. Seidr involved discerning the course of fate and working within its structure to bring about change, often by symbolically weaving new events into being. Frigg is a goddess of hearth and home, healing, love and peace.  Being the Queen of Asgard, Frigg has a court of 12 handmaidens, each of them having their own distinct qualities, which the author devotes a chapter to.

Ryan McClain weaves together the older literary mentions of this Goddess with a modern understanding of Her.  In each chapter, the author gives us their Personal Take, how they work with Frigg, giving the reader ideas of how to build their own relationship with this powerful Goddess.

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