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Following the Hare journey by Sue Perryman

Make yourself comfortable in a space where you won't be disturbed.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, deep breaths in and deep breaths out.

As your surroundings dissipate you find yourself walking along a country path with white blossomed blackthorn bushes on either side, it's a windy early spring day, but the sky is blue and the sun is warm on your face.

Up ahead you notice something sitting in the middle of the path and as you get nearer you realise it is a hare, just sitting there watching you, you stop walking, afraid of scaring him, he turns and hops through a gap in the hedge.

As you reach the gap you look through and see him sitting just inside in a lush green meadow covered with beautiful spring flowers; he looks at you and hops further into the meadow before he stops and turns to look at you again.

You get the feeling that he wants you to follow him, so you step through the gap and into the meadow, following the hare as he makes his way through the colourful flowers, it is then that you notice an ancient stone circle on the other side of the meadow, the hare seems to be making his way towards it so you eagerly follow.

As you get nearer the hare turns to look at you once more before leaping into the stone circle. You follow him into this ancient place, he is nowhere to be seen, but in the centre of the circle sits a beautiful young woman, she is the spring maiden goddess, known as Eostre by some, what does she look like to you?...

She tells you she has a message for you, listen carefully as this message will have meaning for you over the coming months....

When she has finished speaking she gives you a small gift and bids you farewell.

You thank her and make your way back across the meadow, as you near the hedge you become aware once more of your surroundings, and as you step through it stretch out your arms and legs, wriggle your fingers and toes, and when you feel ready slowly open your eyes.

Have something to eat and drink and write down your message and the gift your received in your journal.

Photo by Jason Ortego on Unsplash

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