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Flowers of August

Taken from Rachel Patterson's A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Herbs & Plants

Poppy (Papaver spp)

An annual plant, the wild poppy has bright red flowers that continue to bloom throughout the summer. The cultivated varieties come in all sorts of colours and I have orange ones in my garden which I like to use in success workings (orange being the

colour of success).

Whenever I think of poppies I am reminded of the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the poppy field makes them all go to sleep, so it works well in any workings for insomnia and to help with a restful night’s sleep. It also represents forgetfulness. The red poppy is also the symbol used to help us remember those brave souls who fell in the world wars.

With the huge amount of seeds a poppy produces, it works well for not only fertility spells but also prosperity and money ones.

Poppy seeds work extremely well to confuse. Sprinkling poppy seeds around your property will confuse any negative or evil spirits; vampires will also be warned off. Apparently vampires are compelled to stop and count the seeds, but I am pretty sure they are far too intelligent to be fooled by this ploy!

I also think that the red poppy represents life, death and rebirth – with the blood red of the petals and the fertility of the seeds.

Adding a pinch of poppy seeds and petals to your bathwater will help you overcome grief.

Poppy Magical Properties:

Love, sleep, money, luck, fertility, rebirth, grief.

Ruling Planet:

Moon, Mars, Venus

Sign: Capricorn

Element: Water

Gender: Feminine

image from Unsplash

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