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Enchanters Nightshade Part 2 by Heather

Last month I wrote about this visitor to my garden, who I hope has now taken up permanent residence.

Now in flower, I can say for sure that this is Enchanters Nightshade, also known as Sorcerer of Paris, Witch’s Grass, Great Witch Herb, Wood Magic Herb, Paris Nightshade, Herb of St. Etienne, Southern Broadleaf Nightshade.

From the family, Onagraceae, which includes the willow herbs and the evening primrose.  

The flower buds are dark pink, the flowers are delicate, white with dark pink centres, looking from a distance they give the area a haziness, a feeling of something hidden waiting to be found.

Having spent more time with her, she most definitely has a feminine energy, I sense the powers I first felt - healing, love, binding, hexing.  In addition to those, I now feel she has the energies of protection, endurance, uncovering secrets, self-acceptance.

I intend to dry some flowers and leaves, to use in spells for any of the above, in pouches or poppets too.

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