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Beneath the Moon by Rachel Patterson - Book Review by Heather

The publisher says -


Witchcraft and Moon Magic for a Deeper Practice The Moon: Living, playing and working in tune with her rhythms can change your life and the way you look at the world. She will help you to connect not only with her magic but your own, your intuition and every thread that it wraps around the world. She has the power to transform your life, you have the power within you to do the same…

A very brief introduction for a book which has such depth and wealth of information!

There are nineteen main chapters, each of which are subdivided into focus areas under the main topic title, covering from moon magic, spell craft, phases, the lunar year, zodiac signs, deities, divination, to name but a few.

Rachel provides down to earth explanations, but not dictatorial, in fact she actively encourages the reader to work their moon magic to make discoveries for themselves. To aid this, included are correspondences, rituals, associated tarot cards, meditations etc.; as suggestions for where to start from.

For all things to do with moon magic, this will be another of Rachel's books which I turn to for research.

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