Anthesphoria:The Festival of the Flowers- A Hellenic Spring Equinox

Anthesphoria The Festival of the Flowers A Hellenic Spring Equinox by Starlit

You will need

A Hearth fire, or Hestia Candle/Lamp Khernips – spring water with the option of salt dissolved in it. A bay leaf or branch presented in a bowl Offering bowls Wine glass Barley or oats/grains Bread Honey sweetened Red wine Olive Oil A couple of coins (doesn't matter what denomination) Dried flowers, suggestions – rose, crocus, iris, violet, lily, larkspur, daffodil Garden tools – whatever you use in the garden, perhaps the handheld tools so they fit in your space. (You could visualise the activities we have done in spiritual growth as tools of your spiritual growth garden.)

What to do

* Ritual Washing * Purification of space – spring water sprinkled from a bay leaf or branch (khernips)

“Be gone all corruption” three times

* Opening Statement

Greetings to all gathered here! We have come to honour the Theoi in the ways of Old. Today, we celebrate Anthesphoria, the Festival of flowers! It is now that we welcome Persephone back from the Underworld and into the Middleworld above. As she walks among us, flowers fall from her feet, and the tears of joy from her Holy Mother, Demeter, bring the sleeping greenery to full wakefulness. Spring has come! Let us rejoice in the light half of the year!

* Lighting of the sacred hearth fire or Hestia’s lamp (always honoured first and last)

“You, fiery Hestia, daughter of Kronos, Sacred hearth flame, may your eternal light illuminate our/my worship, welcome to my/our oikos (home) with blessings.”

- Libation of honey sweetened wine - Homeric Hymn 24 to Hestia

“To Hestia

Hestia, you that tend the far-shooting lord Apollo’s sacred house at holy Pytho, from your locks the oozing oil ever – drips down. Come to this house kindly hearth, together with Zeus the resourceful, and bestow beauty on my singing.”

* Strewing of barely around the altar (circling clockwise three times)

* Invocation of Gaia

“Gaia, you who nurture us into being, who nurture us through life, and who accepts us once again unto thee, blessed Kourotrophos, I honour you with khernips…”

- Libation of K