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A Ritual in Nature by StormLover Wolf

I thought for a fun thing to do......

This is not a test, nor a race. You can list your items to share with us, or keep them to yourself.

Ok, you are out enjoying a beautiful day and you are exploring a beautiful area full of natures gifts. No concrete, no signs, no noisy traffic...just you and our blessed Gaia surrounding you.

You get the “feeling” that you need to plan a ritual to be done while you are there now. The beautiful scents are spurring you on. Now, you have brought nothing with you for setting up.....yes, I want you to find everything you would need right out there where you are.

Use your imagination! Something to use like an altar cloth, something to represent all four quarters, East, South, West and North; something to represent the God and/or Goddess. There are NO right or wrong answers, relax and have fun with this.....

If you are a member of our Kitchen Witch School and Forum, you can journal this if you wish. You can write about your experiences and what you worked with in your own Book of Shadows or share on our Kitchen Witch Facebook Group Pages..

Image by Dave Hoefler-Isoog on Unsplash

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