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12 Days of Yule - Day Nine

Every day for the 12 days leading up to Yule, we will be posting some ideas for crafts, spells and other witchy things to do in this festive season. We would love for you to join in and post your photos in the comments on our Facebook groups.

Anointing Oil by Heather

Anointing ourselves, and others, is something that has been done since ancient times, probably all over the world, but we don't have written evidence from every culture.

It is a little like having a massage, the difference being the intention, it can be done as part of devotional practice to your chosen Deity/s, as a prayer or prior to ritual or spell working.

To make an oil especially for you all you need is -

An oil - olive, almond, coconut, grapeseed

A special container to consecrate and keep for your oil

Optional - if you have essential oils and want to add some, go with your intuition, as you know what your intention is for your oil (use approximately 6 drops per 1oz/30ml oil).

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