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SOLD OUT! Thank you to all those that have pre-ordered - this was a limited edition.


A very special LIMITED EDITION Dragon Hoard.

Pre-order - for despatch on release of the Dragon Magic book 28th June 2024
Each Dragon Hoard will contain:
A signed copy of the Pagan Portals Dragon Magic book
A tote bag with dragon image on the front
A5 print of a fire dragon
Jar of Dragon Calling incense hand blended by Fenix Flames and created on the eclipse
Hand made crochet dragon spell pouch, created by Kitchen Witch, Heather Dewhurst (colours will vary)
Tumblestone (crystal will vary)
Dragon spell candle, hand dressed with rosemary essential oil and a blend of herbs, created by Rachel Patterson (colours will vary)
Dragon petition paper
Dragon Spell instructions

The dragon spell, candle, crystal and pouch included can be used for any intent.
The candle is full of dragon energy so it will flare!  We suggest burning it inside a cauldron for safety.

Postage size is 'small parcel' and the price is based on Royal Mail weight.

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