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What is going on in Nature by Ness

Taken from Kitchen Witch Newsletter December 2022

Although it has been mild of late, the recent heavy showers and winds have now brought a bit of a chill to the air. It is not freezing cold, but thin jackets have given way to the winter coat and the wellies have now resurfaced.

Out in nature, she continues to spiral on her decline into the winter sleep. Trees are losing their leaves, some are completely bare - the leaves strewn around footpaths and fields like confetti. The golds and reds are now yellows and browns and the scent of decay fills the air around them.

Grasses are flattened, the wild plants of the summer hedgerows are standing brown and withered. The dry earth is cold and soggy and there is a definite damp feeling to the air during the day; fungi and mosses grow within this dampness.

Some plants start to bring colour to the greyness of winter - pansies, cyclamens, hellebores..

Thoughts turn to indoor activities - puzzles, yarn projects, reading and writing.

I love dry day winter walks too, so will be wrapping up and getting out in nature often.

Yule and the Winter Solstice will soon be upon us...

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