Vishnu by StormloverWolf

Hello all of you!

Today we will finish up with the Male Hindu Trinity (which included Shiva the Destroyer, and Brahma the Creator) You have learned about Shiva, Brahma and today I want to tell you about Vishnu, Lover of Lakshmi.

Vishnu is the sustainer of the worlds. Whenever evil ascends, Vishnu is there ready to restore dharma, and punish all that have offended or physically wounded the weak and the righteous.

Vishnu is described as having a dark blue skin somewhat like a great storm cloud covering a male human body. The lovely colour of the stormy sky denoting his cosmic dimensions and his connection with the Vedic gods of rain, thunder and his relationship with the earth. He has four arms of which he carries four different objects all representing those things that he is responsible for. The objects symbolize many more meanings, but I will tell you about the four main ones.

The Conch - the sound that this produces “Om”, represents the primeval sound of creation itself.

The Chakra - which symbolizes the mind.

The Lotus flower - an example of our beautiful existence and liberation of our minds and hearts desires.

The Mace – represents mental and physical strength.

Vishnu is usually seen being represented in two ways -

Standing upright on a Lotus flower with Lakshmi, his consort, close by him and

Reclining on the coils of a serpent, with Lakshmi massaging his feet. They are always surrounded by the Milky Ocean, where he created Lakshmi. However, there are pictures of him riding on the King of Birds, Garuda, who is an eagle.

More so than most other Gods that I have researched, they have different incarnations, yet the one