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Tree/Greenery Blessing by Heather

Most of us will be bringing some evergreen plants indoors, some a pine tree, others maybe holly, ivy or mistletoe, or a combination of all of them, depending on your home. Evergreen plants are magically and psychologically significant. In the depths of winter, they are at their most potent, being the only greenery to be seen, they show us that the wheel will turn, and the sun grow stronger again, connecting us with the enchantment of magical possibility. Their magical properties include the following – Healing, cleansing, immortality, regeneration, empowerment, abundance, truth, focus, dragon magic, strength, grounding, action, ancestral connection, past life connection, childbirth, energy clearing, shadow work, prosperity, protection, fertility, vitality, love, forgiveness, commitment, divination, endurance, clarity, focus, wisdom, joy, enchantment, peace. With all these assets, no wonder we have brought the outside indoors! As we are setting up our evergreens, we can ask them to share their energies with us and bless them as we do so. This also works with artificial greenery, if you that is what you can have indoors. How you do this will depend on you, personally I like to make blessed water – spring, tap or distilled water, I hold the container between my hands and ask the Lord and Lady to fill the water with their energies. This I use to water the plants or put in a misting bottle to lightly spray them. You could use the water on your fingers to dab onto the items. You can also just hold your hands over the items, asking for them to fill your home with the energies you feel are needed at that time (very useful as a quick boost when you are having a party).

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