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The Wasp by StormloverWolf

It's hard to believe that it has been two years since I first wrote on Wasps for the Blog. Things have transpired in some unique and wonderful ways. I will copy a few things from that blog as well as this update which I thought was rather fun.

My wasps, yes, I call them mine now, as they seem to love me, my house, my yard and I nor the dogs have ever been stung by them except my first encounter with them several years ago. I was clearing out one of the veggie bins for spring planting and dug my hand down and heard some buzzing, but I paid no attention. I stuck my hand down again, more buzzing and even louder and brought my hand up with more than one on my hand. Being surprised, I shook my hand and they did not care. Then several more were coming up as unbeknownst to me, I had stuck my hand into their home which I had never seen being amongst the thick overgrowth.

I called the dogs and ran across the yard, well not ran, but hobbled I guess and they followed me, buzzing angrily all around me and the dogs. The dogs started biting at them, NO this was NOT good, so I herded them into the back-sliding door as well as myself. They actually stayed outside that door for some time. Much later that afternoon I laid down on my lounge chair to catch some rays which was clear across the yard from the wasp nest and almost immediately here come the wasps again! I got myself and the dogs into the house, and as we settled down I noticed that my hand was a pink red and so was my wrist and the colouring was going up my arm to the elbow. My breathing was getting a little tight too, which always scares me. I had to go to the pharmacy anyways, so when there the technician immediately saw the red, I told her what happened, she told the pharmacist and he said “honey, that is NOT good, go directly to the ER”. So yes, I turned out to be very allergic to the wasps. I was given a shot and “watched” for a bit then was sent home with a supply of EPI pens to use in future if stung.

Well this girl lives in her yards from Spring to Fall. I decided then and there that I could live with wasps as long as they respected my areas and I would respect theirs. Weird yes, but that is me. I moved the bird houses that they had invaded to the front yard where they wouldn't be disturbed. They always make a huge nest under the awning of my roof, but at the very top about 25 feet up from the ground. And I have learned that they love warmth. I have outside lights that I always forget to turn off so last year of course there comes a huge next inside the glass of the light on the side of the driveway. This is where the rubbish and recycling cans go, so I moved them down a ways so we could stay out of each other’s way. When the colder weather came, I knew that I wanted that nest to study and have on my altar with other natural things from the yard. On a cold day I went out and began to pull the nest but heard a wasp barely buzzing inside. I could tell that it was dying, and I actually sent thoughts of love and safe journey to it and said I would wait until it was gone. About a week later I was gifted the nest, it had been blown down during a storm, and was now on top of the recycle bin, just as if I had asked for it's personal delivery.

In one of the branch classes in Kitchen Witch I studied Wasp and did a deep meditation and found myself quite comfortable with the thought of them. I found it very interesting that once again, I saw just the beginning of two new nests again at these lights. It is fascinating to watch them grow as the nests are similar to tissue paper in delicacy yet hold together as a unit. In talking to my neighbour last evening, we were by the cans, and sure enough one of my little striped friends came buzzing around me. My neighbour ran off and I just stood still talking to the wasp that kept buzzing in front of my face. I was very calm and told it that I would go in the house now, and they would not be disturbed, that I will not hurt them in any way. It promptly went back to the nest.

Looking over some things that I will share with you has been a good reminder to me of what I can learn from Wasp every day if I “let” myself. Different symbolic Wasp symbols and meanings...

Communication: Are we conveying our messages as we mean them to come across either to ourselves or to others??

Being productive: Are you still stalling on a project that you know needs to be done? See the goal in your mind and make the time to go after it.

Construction/building: You have had ideas to make things that will propel you further with your goals, well...get busy and do them, don't just think about them!

Challenges: So, you have a few “piles' of things around the home or office that you have needed to deal with, who is stopping you?

Female warrior strength: Who said you couldn't do it? You are strong by yourself and even more so with other's helping you? Get your ladies together and get on with it then.... You can do this!!

Expected the “Unexpected”: Be prepared in all kinds of ways.... health, safety, transportation, social gatherings. Keep your calendar handy! If something passes you by that you knew about but didn't remember, that's on you honey!

Wasp as your animal totem: You are confident and independent in your thinking. You set your goals and you stick with them until they are completed. You enjoy both social gatherings yet are quite happy spending time with just yourself as well. Your speaking to others is very expressive and can even “sting” when you want to make a point.

Wasp shows us how to be a powerful female warrior in both our thoughts and our deeds. If you are stung? This is the Wasp saying “Hello, need a fresh slap in the face? Wake up you are NOT seeing what you need to!” She is also reminding that your spiritual work may need to be attended to. Wasp is a great teacher for us in that she can teach you great lessons in both strength, but in being humble as well! Do not carry arrogance as it will eat away at your soul! You can't help others, until you yourself are strong. Be there for each other yet find time for silence on your own to heal your mind and body.

I hope you have enjoyed this second chapter of wasp, we get along splendid and will from here on out. Also, I loved the write up Autumn did on spider, that you will also be reading in this blog. They are another “one” that I used to shudder from and now I let them outside if warm weather and if cold I just ask them to stay away from me and my dogs, and they have. Many things will “listen” to us if we just give voice to what we need.


StormloverWolf (Storm)

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