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Taking Time for Me! by StormloverWolf

How many of us, especially me, talk about taking time for meditation? Meditation can come in many different forms. One of my favorites was either sitting against or hugging trees. This may sound odd, but when I lived back in California and mom's medical issues became serious, when she would head in for a surgery, I would head outside to a particular tree that was my emotional and physical support for many, many years. Closing my eyes, hearing the leaves gently dancing around on the branches as different spurts of air shifts them this way and that.

Watching my grandmother cook I know now was a form of meditation for her..Chopping vegetables, peeling them. Adding to a large pot on the stove where the scent's that arose made my mouth water. She seemed as if in a trance, as she stirred this way and that.

I guess even through my crocheting is also a form of meditation for me. I think there are many forms of meditation that we do, and yet watching candle flames, chanting, music that calls to me are still my favorite. So why don't I take more time to do it? I talk and urge others to do it, but then what am I doing suggesting it but not urging myself to do the same?

Meditation can open your mind so that you mentally and literally see things more clearly. Take the time. Allow yourself that space where you can feed your mind. Do it, you are worth it.

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