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Simmering incense by Sue Perryman

Making your own simmering incense is a lovely simple way to fill your home with magical intent, as well as making it smell amazing. It is especially useful for those of us witches who can't cope with the smoke from traditional incense because of allergies, asthma etc.

To start you will need to decide on your intent. Then choose your ingredients, either picking items that are associated with your intent, or those that you are drawn to use. These can be fresh or dried herbs and spices, you can also include other items like slices of citrus fruits, salt and pepper, herbal tea bags and essential oils.

If I'm using fresh herbs, I usually use about a handful in total, less for dried herbs, but experiment, you may prefer a stronger or weaker scent than I do. You don't have to only pick sweetly scented herbs either, but it's nice if you can use at least one or two to scent your home.

Fill a saucepan 3/4 full with water, set it on your cooker top/ hob and heat the water until it is warm. While it is heating charge each of your ingredients with your intent and place them in a bowl. Once they are all added, stir them together, if you want to add something to your home, such as prosperity or peace, then stir clockwise, if you want to take something away, such as  negativity or ill health, then stir anti-clockwise and open your windows.

While you are stirring say your intent out loud, you can make up a rhyme or chant if you want, but stating your intent works too.

Once the water is warm, pour your mixture into your saucepan and give it another stir. Turn the heat down low and let the incense simmer, filling your home with the scent of the herbs and their magical properties. Never leave the saucepan unattended in case it boils dry.

When you feel that the incense has done its job, turn the heat off and allow the water to cool. You can add the spent herbs to your compost pile if you have one, if not, discard them in the bin or bury them. The water can be poured down the drain or toilet, or used to water your plants once its cold. It could even be added to your bath water, particularly if it's a healing mixture.

Below are a few of the mixes I have used.

Cleansing/Purification Mix (open your windows to allow the negativity to escape)

Salt Sage Thyme Mint Slices of lemon

Protection Mix

Basil Salt Cloves Rosemary

Healing Mix

Rosemary Lemon balm Mint I also added feverfew as I had a headache.

Prosperity Mix

Basil Chamomile flowers Mint cloves

Peaceful home mix

Lavender (fresh, and a few drops of essential oil) Rose petals Coriander

Have fun and make your own mixtures, experiment with ingredients that you have to hand. What would you use for the Full Moon or the Sabbats?

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