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Seeds of the Spirit Tarot Spread by Violette Isatis

Seeds of the Spirit

Winter is a natural time for resting and reinvigorating the spirit. Rest cultivates a space within the mind, in which we can then plant seeds for later manifestation.

What would you like to manifest in the coming year? Why not pose this question to yourself and then rest on it a few days. Come back when the time seems right and journal your results. Within those words, the seeds of what you really want will be revealed and can then be planted.

If you need help on how to better recognize your "seeds", use the spread below to reveal more insights.

The Seeds of The Spirit Tarot Spread

Shuffle the deck and locate the 4 Aces. Focus on the card in 'front' of each Ace.

1) The Ace of Wands Card = Seed of Inspiration

What can help inspire you?

2) The Ace of Cups Card = Seed of Creativity

How can you tap into your creativity?

3) The Ace of Swords Card = Seed of Clarity

How can you find more clarity?

4) The Ace of Disks/Pentacles = Seed of Manifestation

What can you help bring your intentions into reality?

Think about how these Seeds can help you nurture your intentions and then apply them in a way that makes sense to you.

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1 則留言

Thank you Violette for this insightful post.

I am new to Tarot and need a bit of clarification if possible. How exactly do I locate the aces and the cards in front of them.

Many thanks


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