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Sage Abundance Charm by Sue Perryman

Sage is usually used in spells for wisdom and purification, but it has a few other properties including abundance, protection, wishes and intuition. I have a large sage plant in my garden that will need cutting back soon, so it was the perfect choice for this charm.

You will need:

A candle in a colour you associate with abundance, white is fine if you haven’t got coloured. If you have room you can carefully carve the word ‘Abundance’ on it and dress it with Frankincense oil, but it’s not necessary.

Candle holder


9 fresh Sage leaves with long stems

String/twine/wool (about 11 inches/ 28 cms)

Light the candle and hold the leaves in your hands. Charge them with abundance while saying:

Sage brings abundance to my life

Bringing peace and banishing strife

Goddess bring this energy

As I wish it so mote it be

Hold the stems together and wind the twine around them tightly a couple of times, starting from the centre so you are leaving the two cut ends loose. Tie the leaves together tightly, then tie the two loose ends together.

Let the candle burn down if it is safe to do so, don’t leave it unattended. If not you can snuff it out and relight it when you have time to stay with it, repeating the rhyme as you do so.

You can now hang your charm somewhere suitable in your home where you can see it.

(The rhyme is from a friend, Gwyneth Sangster)

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