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Pineapple Weed by Eva Rose

Taken from the lesson homework by Eva Rose...

Although I have seen pineapple weed since childhood, I never really knew anything about it, other than it grows in dry areas and dusty roadsides.

Before I did any research on it I wanted to reach out and see what I sensed. Hoo boy! This thing has energy. Immediately: Masculine, Mars, Fire, Air, Passion, Direction, Motivation, Drive. I needed some serious grounding after focusing on it. My third eye chakra immediately started to pound and feel like I was going to pop out of my skull.

Diving into the research about it, it is part of the Aster family and has a history of medicinal uses, such as treatment of sores, postpartum anemia, fever relief and aid for gastrointestinal upset. It is entirely edible, and can be used to make teas as well as flavor cream dishes (panna cotta, anyone?).

However, as I generally only see it growing in disturbed areas with lots of foot- (and paw-) traffic, I’ll take a pass on consuming it.

As for magical symbolism, I couldn’t find any info specifically about pineapple weed, but as it is part of the aster family, I looked up the symbolism there. Interestingly, everything that I felt for the pineapple weed was the exact opposite of the correspondences for Aster: feminine, Venus, love, calm, water, earth. But even knowing that, having it sit next to me as I write this, I still am sticking with my first impressions.

But yet again...peace and calm is somehow popping up again...

Pineapple Weed Spell

I decided to work with the pineapple weed that I found. As mentioned above, Asters are for peace, but that is not the vibe I’m getting from the weed.

But peace is what I need. And so I will harness that. As I am not good at just letting go and tending to my own needs to find peace, and wanted to create a spell that drives me toward it (sounds awkward, but it works). My goal is to have the motivation and focus to get the stuff that is blocking me done and over with so I am left with time for myself and can find peace.

A spell for clearing the way

(Best done on a waning moon)

You will need:

Sprig of pineapple weed

Red candle

Cinnamon oil

Crossroads (either perform it there or use a mini one)

Paper and pen/pencil


Ground, center, and do what you need to do to work magic (I meditate and

enter my Inner Sacred Grove).

Anoint candle with oil, moving from center to the ends, as for banishing.

Hail Hecate,

Keeper of the Keys

Guardian of the Gate

She who lights the way

Goddess of the crossroads

I ask for your blessing on this working

I light this candle in your honor

Light candle and place at the center for the crossroads.

Take the paper and write down things that you are procrastinating doing.

The little things that need to get done in order for you to relax. Things that

you need to stop doing.

For me, it is some simple things this week: cleaning the bathrooms, folding

laundry (the worst chore ever), going to bed too late, spending too much time

on Facebook.

These are the things that are blocking my way

Trivialities that hold me back.

Blockages to Peace

Hold the weed in both hands and connect with its energies.

Plant spirit, I ask of you

Your fiery energies

Your determination

Your drive.

Place the weed in the center of the paper, and fold it way from you 3 times.

Hold the folded package up:



I ask for this spell to unlock the gate

I ask for you to open the way

May my path to healing and self care be clear

Place the parcel in front of the candle and meditate on your goals for a few


Thank the Goddess in your own words, and extinguish the candle or let it

burn out.

If you wish, when the moon is dark, burn the paper and pineapple weed,

releasing the energy to the Universe.

Instead of a normal spell candle, I used a red birthday candle since I had

made a set of candle holders a while back, each with a planetary symbol

carved on it and a place for offerings. Since Mars was calling to me strongly

when I touched the pineapple weed, I used the corresponding holder. This

was my setup:

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Aylysh/Deb L.
Aylysh/Deb L.
Aug 04, 2022

I love this spell. It seems to be quite common that while spending a great deal of time caring for others we often forget to take care of ourselves and what is important to us. It is something that I have been reminding myself of more and more over the past couple of years. This was a brilliant idea.


sapphire Soleil
sapphire Soleil
Aug 02, 2022

Nice. I love pineapple weed. I've seen it forever, but it wasn't until...well...I was in the witchy world that I really looked it over and SMELLED it! Now I can't help by take a piece and give it a whiff when I see one. I amuse others by grabbing weeds and smelling them....until I put it to their nose and then they get it. -- good job

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