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Nutmeg - Week 1 - Kitchen Witch Baking Challenge by Sue James-Bristow

For the month of March, I had an idea for a baking challenge. Rather than on a daily basis, we would make something over the course of the week, which gives us a whole 7 days to plan and bake.

On the Monday morning, I will post an ingredient which has to be included in the recipe - edible of course! and this can be sweet or savoury, it is up to you! You can choose to bake one thing, or if you feel up to it, and have time, you can bake another or more if you wish! If you have a delicious recipe that doesn't involve any baking, that is ok too.

Take a photo of the finished result of your baking, together with the recipe and add them to the comments below.. (don't forget to add where you got the recipe from)

Link to the Kitchen Witch Coven Facebook group where you can add your recipes is here

We will then have lots of lovely recipes to share with one another..

Oh and if you miss a week, you can always go back and add to the thread :-)

Happy Baking!

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