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Musings of a Village Witch 2022 - March by Ness

March 4th – Yesterday morning was sunny with blue skies and that oh-so-lovely hint of spring weather. Unfortunately, it gave way to drizzle and cloud – colouring the sky a pale hue of battleship grey.

A walk late afternoon confirmed that some dreary days of winter are not done yet. The decay of winter is still apparent in the air – that soggy damp scent of leaves. I quite like the smell personally – I'm an earth witch who loves autumn days with the knowledge that I can cozy up with a blanket and a book. But it's not good to be in just one element and I’m now wanting some warmer days so I can go out without donning half my wardrobe to keep warm and dry.

It was lovely to spot the pines growing again, daffy’s in full bloom and spring bulbs flowering to brighten up the dull days. I’ve also seen the first dandelions of the year – early food for the bees, so I leave well alone if spotted in my garden.

March 18th – a bit of a jump from the beginning of the month but I have been caught by the dreaded Covid – urgh! Feeling much better now than I did the past week or so but I’ve been isolating so have not been able to get out and about like I’m used to doing. Today the sun is shining and it is pleasantly warm out there. If anything is going to help me feel better, its days like this! Today I had a little wander in my garden. So many shrubs and plants coming to life – it's wonderful to see. I can’t wait to be able to get out to a garden centre or two to inject some more beautiful colour into the garden.

Spring definitely has sprung!

*last six images from my own garden*

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05 abr 2022

I hope you're feeling better, Ness. There's nothing like Spring flowers to make you feel better.

Me gusta
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