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Musings of a Village Witch 2022 - February by Ness

February 7th – Today is dry and sunny. We had a dusting of frost last night – I thought we would, as when I let my dog out before going to bed, the air was crisp and cold and the sky was clear – the stars shining bright. I sometimes like to stand in my garden late at night if it's not raining and just take in the stillness and the quiet and focus on the night sky. I try and spot planets that I know are visible and the star constellations. I’m not really into planetary magic but it is nice to look up there and do a bit of star spotting. Tonight, Orion's Belt was quite clear...

February 10th – Overnight rains and gray skies made for a slushy muddy walk this morning. Despite the grey skies and general gloominess, it was lovely to see some early flowers in bloom – violet and calendula as well as our spring-expected daffodils.

Cleavers are growing well among the hedgerows – now is the time to pick while they are still young. My lovely friend Sue and fellow Hearth Guardian wrote about cleavers here if you’d like to read all about them and their magical properties. The beautiful green is striking against the bare dark branches of the hedges. In my garden, there are narcissi's, hyacinth just beginning to flower, cowslips in bud and I’m delighted to see that my one wild garlic plant from last year has 5 new roots and several leaves!

February 18th – Storm Eunice is upon us. The sky is blue and it is sunny but I’m indoors watching the trees and plants being blown about. Newly emerged daffodils are trying their hardest to remain upright. Mother Nature is beautiful but can be frightening at times. She is a force that we cannot control!

The rune that I’m thinking of today is Uruz – the rune of strength, power and force. This rune can be worked with to achieve your goals. It won't be plain sailing and you may be ‘blown back’ a few times. Striving to work at you want to obtain may bring changes that you might not have foreseen, so look out for those and be prepared!

February 28th – the last day of this month and I can't believe that we are already into month 3 of this year! I have looked around my local village to see what is growing that I can work with to make something for a video tutorial, but it a month of new beginnings – both physical and spiritually. Tiny buds are forming and apart from the cleavers and nettles, the earth is still bare and ‘abundant’ isn't a word that we associate with this month. Hopefully by next month, there will be enough wild garlic in my garden and it will have grown enough for me to make something then. If not, I shall be doing some foraging in the woods – one of my favourite places to be 😊

I hope everyone has a good month!

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