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Moon Phases ~ Dark Moon, March 21st 2023 by Sue Perryman

Dark Moon March 21st 2023

The Dark Moon falls on the 21st March and is in the sign of Pisces

22nd: New Moon in Aries

23rd: Waxing Crescent in Aries

24th: Taurus

26th: Gemini

28th: Cancer

29th: First Quarter in Cancer

30th: Waxing gibbous in Cancer

31st: Leo

Dark Moon Magic

Contemplation, inner work, rejuvenation, beauty, health, personal improvement, planning, plotting and looking ahead. A time of introspection, self-analysis and reflection. This is really ‘you’ time, make the most of looking after and doing things for yourself. Relax, rest and recuperate. Meditate, contemplate and just ‘be’. It is a total introvert time of the Moon. Clear your head, get some clarity and gain some perspective. It is kind of like a quiet peaceful pause, before the whole Moon cycle starts again.

How do you work magic on the Dark Moon?

Source - Beneath the Moon by Rachel Patterson

image from Unsplash

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