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Modern Meet the Mother Meditation

Taken from Rachel Patterson's recent release The Triple Goddess published by Moon Books.

The link to the guided meditation can be found here

"I have given a meditation here that shows the mother in a more modern situation." Make yourself comfortable in a space where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, deep breaths in and deep breaths out.

As your world around you dissipates you find yourself standing outside a shop in a busy village street. In front of the shop windows are wooden benches stacked high with pot plants of all kinds. There are house plants, garden plants and herbs, each one beautiful. The door opens with the tinkle of a bell and someone steps out carrying a large bouquet of flowers. They hold the door open for you to step inside. Into a florist shop.

The walls either side are tiered with bucket upon bucket of fresh cut flowers of all varieties and colours. As you take in your surroundings, the beauty of the flowers and the delicious scent from them, someone appears from the back and steps out from behind the counter. Dressed in a bright coloured shirt and jeans with hair tied back in a ponytail they greet you and ask if they can help. You stumble over your words because you don’t know what you are there for.

They come over and start pointing out various flowers to you. They tell you their names and what folk meanings and associations they have. They are quite talkative and begin to tell you about how they came to run the shop and how much they care about and love the flowers and plants. They talk about having a passion and something that really matters to them, encouraging you to do the same. You begin to share your life situation too…

Listen to the replies, they may have some wise words for you.

Once you have finished talking you are asked if there is a particular flower you have seen that you like, and you point to one that has caught your attention. They take out several stems and wrap them for you.

You go to your pocket to get out payment and they wave dismissively, telling you that it is a gift and no need to pay.

Thanking them for the flowers and their time you head back out of the shop. Remember what you have talked about and what type of flower you chose.

Standing outside now on the pavement again, slowly and gently come back to this reality. Wriggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes. Have something to eat and drink. You might want to look up the magical properties and meaning of the flowers that you were given.

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