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Magical Lemon by Ness

Last month, hubby, doglet and I went to visit, at long last, my eldest son and daughter in law who live 3 hours' drive from me. The last time was last July, so as you can imagine, I was very much looking forward to seeing them again. Voice and video calls have been brilliant in these trying times we’ve had, but they are not the same as seeing someone face to face.

First morning, we came downstairs to find an assorted breakfast choice waiting for us. I decided on a couple of slices of toast and to top it, some of what I thought was some shop bought lemon curd. It was delicious! And I remarked so to my son and daughter in law, who told me that she had made it and would share the recipe. It was a firm favourite in their house and with her family too!

So once home, I remembered while out grocery shopping, the ingredients, and had a go at making some myself. I hadn't made any curd before, so I was a little nervous, particularly when it came to the adding of the eggs to the lemon syrup mixture. “I’m going to get lemon scrambled eggs “- I thought to myself. But it all worked well and it turned out perfectly – its smooth and silky, its lemony (of course!), with a touch of sweetness and it's mixed in with a delightful sunny tang! The colour is beautiful and conjures up days like we are having now – warm, sunny, lush green flowery fields, shady trees with picnics of freshly made sandwiches, lemon curd muffins and homemade elderflower cordial! Perfect!

Lemon Magical Properties

Although lemon is sacred to the moon, its lovely sunshiny colour also corresponds to the energy of the sun too – cut one in half and it does look like a sunburst! So lemon is very versatile in working magic with both the sun and the moon.

It has properties of purification – think of that acidic juice cutting through any clutter that is in your way. Excellent to add juice to a floor wash, surface cleaner or to a ritual bath for cleansing.

Added to moon water for your magical moon workings, or add a slice to a bowl of water and left out in the sun to soak up those solar energies.

Lemon has the colour that is bright and happy – dried peel can be added to poppets, incense blends and any spell work that involves happiness. As a kitchen witch, pop a bit of happiness and positivity into your baking and cooking by finding some recipes that have lemon in them – there are plenty!

Lemon is good for decision making, uplifting, love, protection, fidelity and friendship. What is not to love about this beautiful little fruit?

Planet: Moon – and Sun

Element: Water

Gender: Feminine

Recipe can be found here

Lemon magical properties from Rachel Patterson's A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Food published by Moon Books

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