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Magical Baking for Children

I was asked to blog about magical recipes that parents/grandparents/aunts, uncles etc could make with their little Pagans - Here are some recipes I make at home.

Magical Rice Krispie cakes:

Make sure to charge each ingredient with your intent!

Ingredients -

Rice Krispies - magical properties of rice - Prosperity, fertility(not just pregnancy, birthing a new project etc) protection, rain, grounding and stability. Chocolate - Magical properties of chocolate - prosperity, positivity (especially positive energy) happiness and love.

This recipe would be great for your root, sacral and solar plexus and heart chakras, because of the properties of the ingredients.

Method :

Rice Krispies - 375g (13 oz) Chocolate, 300g (10 1/2 oz) chopped up.

First, you need to melt the chocolate, as you do this you can add your intent as you are stirring the chocolate. When the chocolate is melted and ready to pour, carefully pour it over the rice Krispies, and mix until everything is combined. Spoon into cupcake cases, and allow to cool before eating.


Magical pancakes.

Make sure to charge each ingredient with your intent!

Pancakes are great for luck magic, play with the shape for your intention.

100g (3oz) Plain (all purpose) flour - Magical properties -reveals hidden matters and consistency. 2 large eggs - Magical properties - God energy, Sun energy, and creativity.

300ml (10 1/2 fl oz) milk - Magical properties - Goddess energy , creativity and spirituality.

Sunflower oil, 1 tbsp plus extra for frying - Magical property - God and sun energy.

Pinch of salt - Magical Properties - protection & purification.

Method :

Place the flour, eggs, milk and sunflower oil in into a large bowl or free standing mixer or food processor, mix until you have a smooth batter.

Heat frying pan to a medium heat, add oil. When pan is ready add your mix and cook for 1-2 minutes each side, until they are golden in colour.

Serve with : Raspberries - Magical properties - Happiness, love, protection, stamina and vigour.

Chocolate chips - Magical properties - Love, prosperity and lifting the emotions.

Raisins - Magical properties - Mental powers, and sun energy.

Blueberries - Magical properties - Peace and protection.

Lemon and sugar - Magical properties - Faithfulness, friendship, happiness, longevity, love and marriage.

Ice cream - Magical properties -

Butter pecan, Employment and prosperity.

Chocolate - including chocolate chip, fudge, chocolate ripple - Love and prosperity.

Coffee - Mental powers and speed.

Neapolitan - Love & prosperity

Raspberry - Happiness, love, protection, stamina an vigour.

Strawberry - Love

Vanilla - love.

Lemon balm - Success, healing, anti-depression, memory, love and anxiety.

Rosemary - protection, love, lust, mental powers, exorcism, purification, healing and sleep.

Lavender - happiness, peace, love protection, sleep, clarity, faeries and strength.

Magical hot chocolate.

Make sure to charge each ingredient with your intent!

70g (2 1/2oz) chocolate, chopped.

142ml (5 fl oz) pot double cream

600ml |(21 fl oz) milk

Method -

Pour milk, double cream and chopped chocolate into a pan. Bring to the boil, gently, whisking until it is smooth and lump free.

Serve in mugs with toppings of your choice

Toppings :

Cherries - happiness, love.

Marshmallows - comfort, happiness,

Cocoa pops - prosperity, fertility, protection, rain grounding, stability, happiness, love.

Ginger - Money, success, power, love, cleansing ,protection and consecration.

Clove - love, money, clarity, protection, abundance, repels negativity, prevents gossip, stress relief and truth

Grated cinnamon - power, success, healing, psychic powers, protection, love, focus, lust, spirituality and changes.

Grated nutmeg - money, luck fidelity, protection

Chocolate chips -love, prosperity, happiness and lifting emotions

Crushed cookies - nurturing and love

Cream - love and nurturing

Sprinkles - love

Coconut whipped cream - prosperity, allure, confidence, diversity, flexibility, protection, psychic awareness, purification and spirituality

Marshmallow fluff - Sticking together, comfort happiness and love.


)O( Gypsy Willowmoon Xx

Photo by James Besser on Unsplash

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