Cherry Pancakes by Ness

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

As we know, Pancake Day falls in February and although it is observed as a Christian Festival known as Shrove Tuesday, pancakes - or crepes - have been around for a very long time before that. Pancakes remind me of my childhood – my mum cooking them one after the other - for the insatiable appetite of 3 eager mouths – sprinkled in lemon juice and sugar, rolled up and demolished in a few forkfuls before asking for another. It was a once-a-year treat, but these days I think they are delicious any time of the year and with various toppings too!

I decided to make some pancakes as they have connections for this month:

Eggs for new beginnings

Wheat flour for rebirth and

Milk for Imbolc

Cherries you may be wondering? Isn't that a little early for February here in the UK?

Cherry Blossom and Cherries both correspond with new beginnings and fertility.

The following is from Rachel Patterson's book - A Kitchen Witches World of Magical Food:

Cherry (Prunus avium/cerasus)

This is a deciduous tree with absolutely beautiful blossom in spring followed by delicious cherries – P. avium is the sweet or wild cherry and P. cerasus is the sour cherry sometimes used in cooking.

The cherry has always seemed very feminine to me with the stone held inside the ‘womb’ of the actual fruit so it makes sense to me that it is a good fruit to use not only for love magic, but also for fertility.

Use the wood of the cherry tree, stones or the dried blossoms in love incense blends. The stones have long been used for divination purposes. I can remember as a child doing the ‘tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief’ rhyme with my cherry stones to see who I was going to marry… I don’t recall any of the stones ever saying ‘drummer’…

You can also use cherry juice as a substitute for blood in rituals or workings. I also like to use cherry blossom or stones in magical workings for new beginnings drawing on the spring energy.

Cherry Magical Properties: Love, fertility, divination, beginnings.

Ruling planetVenus

Element Water, Air



135g/4¾oz plain flour