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Crystal Grid for New Beginnings by Ness

February is here! Where has January gone? On one hand, it has gone fast, on the other hand, it has dragged!

Imbolc is celebrated this month – signs of spring and new life are emerging; snowdrops, crocus’, daffodils and narcissus poking their young green shoots through the cold dark soil. Buds are appearing on some shrubs and trees. I have also seen some summer flowers blooming too – they are probably just as surprised by the sudden frost and snow as I am about their very early appearance!

It is time to cast off the cloak of winter – not literally your cloaks: it is still far too chilly for that! - but to give the cloak of winter a shake, have a peek at what's underneath, what needs doing at this time of year... A time of new beginnings, a time to plot and plan!

Spring cleaning comes to mind – physical spring cleaning of clutter no longer required and mentally and spiritually too – let go of what no longer serves.

Crystal Grid for New Beginnings by Ness

A grid to focus on for the month ahead – to help manifest those plans and ideas.

Rose Quartz – for inspiration

Mookaite – a desire for new experiences and decision making

Garnet – utilise creative energy

Rhodochrosite – Pursue one's dreams

Blue Aventurine – Making clear decisions

Elestial Smokey Quartz – Transformation. From winter to spring

Clear Quartz - to give your grid extra oomph!

Rune for New Beginnings

Berkana – Birch

The rune of new beginnings. A fresh start or perspective. A rune of creativity and growth. Work with Berkana to manifest those ideas. Cast off the old and embrace the new! The energies of this rune are healing and life-giving!

Coming up tomorrow - a spell for new beginnings by Sue Perryman

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Feb 05, 2021

Great job Ness!!

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