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Crystal Grid for Intent by Ness

January is a bit of a bleak month. It is generally cold, dark and it sits in between Yule and Imbolc. The celebrations of Yule have gone and although Imbolc is around the corner, January seems to be a month of non-movement, a bit of a ‘meh!’ month. But this year will be different. It will be a month of hope, new beginnings and intent! Intent for whatever you want to manifest this year.

January will be about connection – connection with the energies of the month. This month we will focus on Intent as well as other January correspondences.

The Kitchen Witch Hearth Guardians have all written pieces on their thoughts and how they connect with the energies of January - these will be posted over the next few days.. we hope that you enjoy reading them

Crystal Grid for Intent by Ness

Fluorite – mental cleanser

Carnelian – positive life choices. Promotes courage

Bloodstone – vitality, strength and courage

Garnet – utilise creative energy, creation from chaos

Rhodochrosite – pursue your dreams

Blue Aventurine – making clear decisions

Rune of the Month by Ness

Ur (Uruz) - this is the rune of wild untamed energy. The rune of strength and power. All things are possible! Ur relates to the formation of ideas. Work with Ur (Uruz) to manifest your intent for January. Thing not working out as you had hoped? - go back to the drawing board and work with that energy!

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