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Kitchen Witch Journal Challenge by Sue James-Bristow

For the month of June, one of our students had a fabulous idea of a way of getting us to get those notebooks and pens out and get journaling by way of a daily prompt.

If you missed doing it, not to worry! Below is a list of the prompts which can be worked at any time of the year! If you did follow the prompts and enjoyed the challenge, you may want to do them again at another time - a few months from now or even this time next year! Your answers to the questions might have changed - it would be interesting to find out!

1. What is something I have dreamed of doing but never done?

2. What have been the happiest moments of my life so far?

3. How is nature speaking to you today?

4. Have you seen any signs recently? What are they telling you.

5. What is your intention for this month? How will it manifest?

6. What is something that you know you can do better?

7. What aspect of your witchcraft fulfils you the most?

8. What was the last dream you remember and how do you interpret it?

9. Describe the seasons of the year as they relate to you and the emotions each one generates in you.

10. What or who inspires you?

11. Write about your favourite witchy book - fiction or non-fiction. Why do you like it?

12. How do you tackle everyday problems?

13. What is your driving force to practice your craft?

14. Write some advice for your younger self?

15. Look at the clouds, what shapes do you see. Do any resonate with you?

16. What do you want more of in your life? What difference would this make?

17. What do you need to let go of?

18. What sign is the next Full Moon in? How can You use that energy to focus your goal? 19. Write about any animal energies you work with. Recall when and how they came into your life.

20. Look around your home and your colour scheme. What are the correspondences of the colours you have surrounded yourself with?

21. What element do you associate with most and describe why you feel that?

22. Lake, ocean, river or pond. Choose one that appeals to you most and describe the reasons for your choice.

23. What is your daily magical practice? Do you have one?

24. What do you want to learn next and why?

25. How do you share your knowledge and to whom?

26. Is anything holding you back from achieving your goals?

27. What is your “go to” spell working method? What method haven’t you tried yet?

28. What are your long-term goals?

29. What is your version of kitchen witchcraft?

30. Will you keep on with a daily journaling habit? Describe how you felt during this challenge.

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

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