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Joy Tea by Eva Rose

(best prepared on a sunny Sunday, if possible!)

- Glass jar (jam, pickle, whatever you have on hand) - super clean.

- organic lemon, scrubbed

- Organic ginger root,

- Cinnamon stick

- Runny honey (you might need to warm it up first, so it flows easily)

- Yellow ribbon

- Additional “sunny” things to help draw the powers (incense, crystals, candles, etc)

Set up a nice clear area in your kitchen for a temporary altar.  Ground and center.  When you really feel the energy flowing though you, state your intention clearly.

I call upon the power of the Sun

To warm my heart and bring me joy

This potion I make is to bring the Sun into my life no matter how cloudy or grey.

Hold the lemon and feel the power of the sun flowing through you:

Tart and sour

But filled with the Sun’s power

Vitamin C

Joy to me!

Slice the lemon in half, then into half cm thick slices (more or less).

Hold the ginger root, and feel the sun’s energy flowing through you into it, feel the energy also pulling from your root chakra:

Sun power growing from below

Deep fire that burns slow

Bring forth the warmth

Bring forth the joy.

Slice the ginger into coin-thick rounds, channeling the sun’s energy through the knife into the ginger.

Once both are sliced, alternate adding them piece by piece into the jar, envisioning joy and health filling up the container.  Don’t pack the jar too tight, but do fill it to the rim.

Take the cinnamon stick and hold it up:

Power, passion, and joy.

Speed the Sun’s power in this mix.

Plunge the cinnamon stick into the jar, feeling it drawing the sun’s energy down with it, amplifying the energy.

Now pour the honey into the jar, letting it slowly seep down to fill all the cracks.  You might need to prod it a bit with a chopstick to remove any air bubbles.  Visualize the pure sunshine-joy filling every crack, sweetening your life.

Close the jar and tie a yellow ribbon around it.

Repeat 6 times:

Potion of joy

Potion of health

Feel the sun’s power flowing into the jar, infusing it with love, light, and happiness.

Place into the refrigerator for a few days before using.  To use, take a spoonful of the honey (the texture will be a bit jelly-like), and add it to a mug of hot water.  Close your eyes and smell the tea before drinking, wrapping your hands around the mug.  Visualise the sun shining on your face, filling your with light.

Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.

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